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Closest Venues to Smithton

Below are the 8 nearest locations to Smithton.

  • Venus Bay, VIC Day Spa

    245.7 kms from Smithton

  • Wonthaggi, VIC Paintball

    Min. Age 18

    258.4 kms from Smithton

  • Great Ocean Road Surf Tours Surfing

    291.3 kms from Smithton

    I feel that joining our personalised tours feels like you are surfing with your friends but everything is taken care of. Learning to surf can be hard as there are a lot of elements that you need to know about in order to get started. You need to know about the beach, the conditions, the equipment and of course the surfing lingo! With all our staff being passionate and dedicated, fully qualified, experienced surfers and coaches, you are in the best hands and the tour options we offer cater for everyone. We hope you enjoy your experience and I welcome you to Great Ocean Road Surf Tours."
  • Mornington, VIC Mobile Spa

    291.8 kms from Smithton

  • SA Skydiving Skydiving

    Min. Age 12

    293.6 kms from Smithton

    Welcome to SA Skydiving, South Australia's most experienced and best rated skydive operation. After arriving at our custom built skydiving dropzone, you'll be welcomed by the crew, made to feel at home with our fantastic facilities and put through some basic safety briefing. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about skydiving from how we fly, to the equipment, to safety, to learning how to enter the sport as a solo skydiver. We are licenced, enjoy some local wine from Bremerton by the glass or the bottle. After getting to know your tandem instructor, gearing up in our top of the range equipment and posing for a few photos as part of your video package, you'll be ready to get the adrenalin pumping! Conquer your nerves during your plane ride up to your exit height, then enjoy the indescribable feeling of freefall. Then land out the front of the Langhorne Creek Clubhouse, or land on the soft sands of Basham Beach (weather permitting). We offer the unique outside video option as well as upgrades to Skydive Pro and the LinkUp.
  • Peninsula Fly Board Flyboarding

    299.8 kms from Smithton

    Flyboarding is a water-powered jet pack that can propel the wearer up to 8-10 metres in the air. Two large jets at the wearers feet, provide the propulsion and it sure is a rush. The Flyboard is very easy to use, similar to riding a bike, water ski, surfing, skating or any activity that requires a little balance. The rest of the world has already been blown away by the crazy, exciting, and extremely futuristic device, called the Flyboard. If swimming like a dolphin wasn't enough then becoming your very own superhero definitely was. Once you experience it, you will be hooked. The Flyboard is as exciting as it is impressive. This will be an experience you will never forget.
  • Skye, Victoria Laser Combat

    Min. Age 9

    303.5 kms from Smithton

" From the website to the track it was a simple process and the karting was a great fun for the group."

Andy Gale, Yeovil, Somerset Karting

RATED 3.6 out of 5

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