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Below are the 8 nearest locations to Sale.

  • Hot Air Ballooning

    46.4 kms from Sale

  • Rawson, VIC Paintball

    Min. Age 16

    61.2 kms from Sale

  • The Adventure Merchants Caving

    118.6 kms from Sale

    As you venture into the darkness with only your torch, you really do feel like an adventurer as you make your way into the pitch-black cave it really is like another world down there. You will spend your time underground exploring the fascinating sights of this alien underground world. These caves have everything required for a fantastic caving experience, in fact there are only 5 known caves like this one in Victoria which makes it quite special, formed over thousands of years of water erosion these huge granite boulders jumbled on top of each other make this caving adventure a thrilling experience and houses a unique eco system of glow worms, cave crickets and fungi amongst others.
  • Venus Bay, VIC Day Spa

    128.1 kms from Sale

  • Cockatoo VIC Laser Combat

    Min. Age 9

    136.8 kms from Sale

  • Skydives Melbourne Skydiving

    144.5 kms from Sale

    EXPERIENCE THE THRILL WITH SKYDIVE SOUTH EAST MELBOURNE With over 20 years combined experience and over 15,000 jumps behind us you can rest assure our drop zone is run by a team of passionate and professional individuals. Located just a one hour drive from Melbourne's CBD it's the perfect place to experience the excitement and adrenaline rush of skydiving! LEARN TO SKYDIVE SOLO Our team would love to help you learn how to jump out of a plane all by yourself. We provide regular courses in IAD training. Our fun and friendly atmosphere will have you coming back every weekend to keep on learning.

"Enjoyable short day out, good instructors."

Livio Sidoli, Enfield Clays

RATED 3.4 out of 5

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