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Closest Venues to Deloraine

Below are the 8 nearest locations to Deloraine.

  • Venus Bay, VIC Day Spa

    322.2 kms from Deloraine

  • Wonthaggi, VIC Paintball

    Min. Age 18

    343.0 kms from Deloraine

  • Hot Air Ballooning

    361.6 kms from Deloraine

  • Skydives Melbourne Skydiving

    382.8 kms from Deloraine

    EXPERIENCE THE THRILL WITH SKYDIVE SOUTH EAST MELBOURNE With over 20 years combined experience and over 15,000 jumps behind us you can rest assure our drop zone is run by a team of passionate and professional individuals. Located just a one hour drive from Melbourne's CBD it's the perfect place to experience the excitement and adrenaline rush of skydiving! LEARN TO SKYDIVE SOLO Our team would love to help you learn how to jump out of a plane all by yourself. We provide regular courses in IAD training. Our fun and friendly atmosphere will have you coming back every weekend to keep on learning.
  • Mornington, VIC Mobile Spa

    392.4 kms from Deloraine

  • Peninsula Fly Board Flyboarding

    397.7 kms from Deloraine

    Flyboarding is a water-powered jet pack that can propel the wearer up to 8-10 metres in the air. Two large jets at the wearers feet, provide the propulsion and it sure is a rush. The Flyboard is very easy to use, similar to riding a bike, water ski, surfing, skating or any activity that requires a little balance. The rest of the world has already been blown away by the crazy, exciting, and extremely futuristic device, called the Flyboard. If swimming like a dolphin wasn't enough then becoming your very own superhero definitely was. Once you experience it, you will be hooked. The Flyboard is as exciting as it is impressive. This will be an experience you will never forget.

"Great fun, the guys were friendly and fun while also completely responsible in a way that never encroached on our enjoyment. "

William Emsworth, Falmer, Brighton Clays

RATED 3.9 out of 5

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