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Closest Venues to Burnie

Below are the 8 nearest locations to Burnie.

  • Venus Bay, VIC Day Spa

    261.9 kms from Burnie

  • Wonthaggi, VIC Paintball

    Min. Age 18

    279.7 kms from Burnie

  • Mornington, VIC Mobile Spa

    323.5 kms from Burnie

  • Skye, Victoria Laser Combat

    Min. Age 9

    331.9 kms from Burnie

  • Great Ocean Road Surf Tours Surfing

    334.9 kms from Burnie

    I feel that joining our personalised tours feels like you are surfing with your friends but everything is taken care of. Learning to surf can be hard as there are a lot of elements that you need to know about in order to get started. You need to know about the beach, the conditions, the equipment and of course the surfing lingo! With all our staff being passionate and dedicated, fully qualified, experienced surfers and coaches, you are in the best hands and the tour options we offer cater for everyone. We hope you enjoy your experience and I welcome you to Great Ocean Road Surf Tours."
  • Sea All Dolphin Swims

    343.0 kms from Burnie

    Starting with a snorkel at Popes Eye we can see colourful fish and marine life making it the ideal place to brush up on our snorkelling skills, then onto Chinaman's Hat, a local haul-out site that is a temporary home to 30-40 young Australian Fur Seals waiting to share their water world with us. Just when you think port Phillip Bay couldn't get better, we set off in search for the dolphins and usually find them not to far away. Swimming with dolphins is handled by the experienced instructors that will ensure that both snorkellers and dolphins benefit from the experience.

"Brilliant way to spend an hour "

Andrew Wallace, Woking, Surrey Clays

RATED 4.6 out of 5

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